A desert storm approaches.

Buckle up your rad suit. Fire up the Rig. Will you reach Safe Havn before you succumb to the Tox?
Our latest solo survival card game is available for pre-order. Street Date: 1st May 2021
Click here to order your copy

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3D Anaglyphs of the Past: Jaws 3D.

In the first of a series of inspirational images from the development of our upcoming 3D card game, The Dead Eye, we dig back in the archives of the interweb. First up, this awesome image from the 3D version of Jaws. We love the splitting boat, and has given us great ideas for both the WIP and WRM cards in The Dead Eye. Flying debris – what could be more 3D?

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Call for Volunteers – Gen Con 2019.

Want to attend the coolest game show in the US?
Pleasant Co. Games is seeking volunteers for our booth at the show.
If you are interested in snagging an exhibitor ticket, in exchange for a few hours per day to come and demo our new game, The Dead Eye at our booth, drop us an email at info@pleasantcompany.co.za, with a basic overview of who you are – age, gender, game interests, anything we should favourably consider, etc. and we will get back to you soonest.

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Behind the Curtain.

Process and early designs offer interesting content to share without giving away too much of the final game.
Here is an early thumbnail sketch planning the packaging – ultimately a more dynamic action frame was chosen for the final box cover. This classic “rear of car + desert” shot ( ala Mad Max films) was re-purposed in the intro comic book included in the game.

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Carnival of Boxes.

Once again, our team was back, deep in the recesses of Hall 4 at the Spiel 18, in Essen Germany.
A great show was had, with new players being introduced to the worlds of Pleasant Co, and returning fans getting a chance to have first peek at our upcoming project, The Dead Eye. There were also a few Kickstarter pick-ups from our recent ATT: AwakeTen campaign, the unveiling of a mini-expansion for Konja, and some mad scribblings by the artist.
Thanks to our team, Adhil, Loredana, Julia and Rob for explaining, smiling and playing.

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Tales from the Amazon.

Pleasant Company Games and Red Box Editora are excited to announce that the production of the Portuguese version of Ancient Terrible Things has commenced with our manufacturers, Panda Game Manufacturing. This new language edition will be available exclusively through Red Box Editora. We are thrilled to see the world of Ancient Terrible Things come to the shores of Brazil, a country steeped in pulp novella lore and adventurous tales of the Amazon river. As part of Red Box Editora’s very successful Catarse campaign in 2017 (Catarse being the Brazilian version of Kickstarter) we have been working closely with the team at Red Box Editora to create some unique and exclusive Ancient Terrible Things content for their Catarse backers. Additionally, as part of the stretch goals of the Catarse campaign, Red Box will be publishing the first localized version of our latest new expansion, Madness of McGuffin, which brings in new game mechanics as found in our latest Dicequest game, Konja.

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From Concept to Shelf : The Making of a Board Game.

This panel will take you through the process of creating a new board game from start to finish.

The artist will talk about his creative process and show the evolution of the final artwork, from early sketches through to print-ready art.

Speaker : Rob van Zyl
Format : Presentation
Location : Panel Room 1
Time : Sunday 27 April 2018. 4pm-5pm

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Thunda Expected. Cape Town Launch.

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A storm is coming…

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‘Encased’, 2017.

Limited edition (50);  Art print (Hahnemühle photo rag); Snowblind: Race for the Pole. Kickstarter art collector backer level ($60)

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